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Unfortunately, we have an issue regarding saving evidence mapping which requires you to clear your cache until we have resolved this.

We apologise for this inconvenience. We are currently working on an alternative fix.

Please follow the instructions below for Chrome, Firefox, I.E and Edge web browsers.

Google Chrome

• Select settings (3 dots) in top right-hand corner

• Select History and history again on the pop out window

• Select Clear browsing data from the left-hand menu

• Ensure cached images and files are selected

• Select Clear Data


• Select Library icon

• Select History

• Select Clear recent History

• Ensure Browsing & Download History and Cache is selected

• Select Clear Now

Internet Explorer

• Select the top right-hand cog icon

• Select Safety

• Select Delete Browsing History

• Ensure Temporary Internet Files and Website Files is selected

• Select Delete

Microsoft Edge

• Select 3 dots on top right-hand corner

• Select History

• Select clear history, ensure cached data and files are selected

• Select Clear